IF-I Section


Administration of the Export-Import Bank Act-1981 and Scheme for financing Viable Infrastructure Projects (SIFTI) of IIFCL, Operational/Policy/Budgetary matters relating to Exim Bank, IIFCL, IWRFC and IIBL Ltd; Matters related to IFCI Ltd, IDFC Ltd, Closure of IIBI Ltd, related matters; Board level appointments-Whole Time Directors- IIFCL, IWRFC and IIBI Ltd; Government Nominee Directors-Exim Bank, IIFCL, IWRFC, IIBI Ltd, IFCI Ltd. and IDFC Ltd; Non-official Directors-Exim Bank, IIFCL, IWRFC and IIBI Ltd; Sector-specific matters like infrastructure, power, textiles, exports; commerce etc.; Administration of Exim Bank Act; laying of annual reports of FIs; matters related to Ratnagiri Gas and Power Pvt. Ltd (RGPPL). Citizen’s Charter of EXIM Bank and IIFCL; Appointment and all personnel matters of Whole Time Directors in Exim Bank.

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