A brief of work allocated to BO.III Section

  • Customer Service in Banks.
  • All kinds of complaints/representations received from individual/ associations for redressal of their grievances on delay in clearance of cheques, non-payment/ non issue of drafts, non issue/ delay in issue of duplicate drafts, misbehaviour/ rude behaviour/ harassment on the part of staff of Banks, non settlement/ delay in settlement of deceased accounts, non transfer / delay in transfer of accounts from one office to another, non opening/delay in opening of new accounts, non-compliance with standing instructions of the customers, non-payment of term deposits before maturity, delay in payment to pensioners, including those related to credit cards against PSBs.
  • All kinds of complaints received from MPs/VIPs/PMO/President Sectt., received against PSBs on items allotted to the Section.
  • All kind of complaints received from DARPG/DPG relating to Public/ Private Sector and Foreign Banks.
  • All kind of complaints received from MPs/VIPs/ PMO against Private Sector & Foreign Banks.
  • Functioning of Banking Ombudsmen

Complaints on the following subjects would be handled by respective Section / Division in DFS:

  • Policy matters relating to any financial services
  • All complaints of civil / criminal nature relating to grievances / vigilance cases against officers on account of accusation, defalcation/ misappropriation/ mis-utilisation etc. would be dealt with by the Vigilance Section.
  • All legal matters relating to application of acts like SARFAESI, RDDBFI, DRT etc. and violation thereof leveled by various parties including individuals, would be dealt with by DRT Section.
  • All HR issues including union matters by IR Section.
  • All loan cases/compromise cases/ OTS matters by the concerned Division.
  • Non-compliance of policy matters on retail loans e.g. housing loan, education loan etc. by the concerned Section.