Hindi Section

Hindi Section of the Department is responsible to ensure implementation of Official Language Act,1963 and Official Language Rules, 1976 made there under in the Department as well as in the Banks, Insurance companies, Financial Institutions, that are under control of the Department and take action to achieve targets fixed in Annual Programme issued by Department of Official Language. To ensure implementation of Official Language Policy of Government of India Hindi Section of the department, inter alia, performs following activities:-

1. To conduct quarterly meeting of Official language Committee ;
2. Compile and send the Quarterly and Annual Report of the Department regarding implementation of Official Language;
3. To Organise Hindi Competitions for the officers and employees of the Department during Hindi week/Fortnight/Month;
4. To Inspect the Sections regarding compliance of Official Language policy.
5. To Inspect offices under control to ensure compliance of Official Language Policy and from time to time suggest them to improve upon.
6. To give support to the representative of the Department during inspection of the offices under the control of the Department by Parliamentary Committee on Official Language.

Besides this Hindi Section of the Department is responsible for Hindi Translation of important documents issued by the Department i.e. Annual Report, Performance Budget, Cabinet Note, Report of Action Taken by the Government on the recommendation of Standing Committees. Besides these documents, Hindi Section also provide translation of documents that come under section 3(3) of Official Language Act, 1963 such as General order, Office memorandum, Resolution, Notification, Press Release, Rules, Contracts, Tender, Tender Notice etc.

To perform the aforesaid duties following posts are sanctioned in Hindi Section:-

1. Joint Director - 1
2. Assistant Director – 2
3. Senior Translator – 3
4. Junior Translator – 5
5. Assistant/UDC – 1
6. Typist/Stenographer - 4