IF-II Section


Matters relating to NHB and Housing Policy, Post winding up of BIFR & AAIFR matters, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), SIDBI, SFCs, Credit Guarantee Fund for Micro and Small Enterprises; MLIs, Credit Guarantee Scheme and other related matters on the subject. Citizens Charter of NHB and SIDBI. All matters related to Educational Loans, Govt. Sponsored Schemes-PMEGP, Education, employment generation scheme of SJSRY, SGSY and other poverty alleviation programmes and other related matters, VIP references, Audit Paras, CPGRAM, RTI, Parliament Questions, Assurances, Grievances, Budget Announcements, Coordination with RBI and State Govts, Administration of National Housing Bank Act, 1987; Appointment and all personnel matters of Whole Time Director in SIDBI and NHB.

Micro Finance (IF-II) :-

Matters related to Micro Finance Institutions and Legislation thereon, Self Help Groups as well as NABARD’s Micro Finance, etc.

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